Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Capture the Moment

If you know me at all..you know you probably will be recorded or have to take a picture or two.. People always are asking why do you take so many photos?! Why do you BLOG? Why do you record everything? Pretty much I think you should all ask yourself why don't you?! We've been told to write in our journals..well I most definitely am not gonna be getting a hand cramp when I can just type it, record it, or take a photo of it. It's so much easier to record your life happenings this way, and I guess that's the reason I do it. I want to be able to look back and remember. And when I'm dead and old school the generations after me can look at my cool blog and photos instead of reading my dusted journal. I mean lets be real..technology will only go up from here, and this isn't the stone ages where someone from my generation is going to find my journal in some wooden box. Google me fools haha. 


Alana Puawai  


So it's definitely been a wonderful year for me. **sarcasm. It's been a long year full of me falling way back in life. If it weren't for my amazing family and friends I probably would be in a far worse place than I am. I just wanted to take this moment to remind myself of the amazing friends I've had in my life this year that have made a difference. This is for future reference..so I'm able to remember. But I'm truly grateful for these people and for the input they've had in my life this year.. I know I'll have a lot of people missing, but these are the ones I can remember to recognize.

Bailee Siepert. Kayla McMurray. James Frankos. Kyra Hamp. Layce Jensen. Jessica Tippetts with a new improved difficult married last name. Tashina Finlayson. Ana Torgesen. Ellyse Kennerley. Dakota Hippolite. Alisha Stock. Darbs Lufe. Adam Warren. Jacob Ready. Ty Travis. James Ratana. Danny Parker. Brandon Christensen. Ben Bankhead. Paige Rowley. Katelyn Rowley. Chantz Hippolite. Blake Walton. Ryan Whiteford. Connor Johnson. Hata Puriri. Tyler Elkington. Jayde Elkington. Raquel Murray. Molly Skinner. Ethan Murray. Tyrone Hippolite. 

That's just very few of my good friends, but those ones got me through the hardest of times.. and continue to pull through for me! Not only have they helped but my wonderful mum and dad, siblings, nan and papa, and continuous family relations! Love you all heaps! 


Alana Puawai  

Family Weekend

This weekend we had a busy family weekend. On Saturday we had Aniah's baptism in Tremonton at 10 AM. We had to leave Soda pretty early so you could imagine we looked fabulous for this gathering..waking up early plus a two hour drive. Usually a good combo for looking fab. We had a lovely feed after Aniah's baptism and confirmation. Nothing like the Finlayson feeds I tell you. They're amazing! On Sunday we had Kennan's baby blessing in Logan...another early morning for us with an hour and ten minute drive. Needless to say another good looking day for us. After sacrament meeting we had yet another delicious feed. We had a ton of family there. There were 13 of my dads 16 siblings there. It's always fun to have a lot of the family together.

I've been in a lot of pain the past week. I got a wisdom tooth pulled out. And it's been killing me all week. I've been faithfully taking my pain killers and it puts me out for HOURS. It's amazing except for when they make me sick. I'm going in for a check up tomorrow thank g. So ya besides the pain, it was a good weekend for us.


Alana Puawai

Pet Peeves New and Improved

So I have my new pet peeves right...and I'm only posting about them right now because it just happened. So for starters..here's my dislikes about Facebook:

- Those people that always write dumb crap while they're trying to be witty and funny..and it epically fails.
- "There's always that one person who writes stupid **** on your status." I hate those people
- The Facebook PDA
- People that think they need to express their undying love for their bf/gf on their wall every day.
- Those people who think their lives are hard. Google Ethiopia d bags.
- Those people who should be on Twitter seems they update their status every three minutes.
- Those people whose relationship status' change as much as their status
- Those people who comment on changed relationship status' asking WHAT?! WHY?! when it's not their business
- Those people who post insecure posts hoping someone will boost their confidence
- Those "like my status" and I'll tell you how hot you are.
- Those "okay ladies it's that time of the year again! post on your status where you like to put your purse but lets make it sound sexual" messages
- Those events that I'm invited to when my attendance really doesn't matter
- Those game invites
- Those random friend requests
- Those faithful daily chatters that monitor when you're "Available" and chat you immediately
- Those messages you get asking for an update on your life..not because I care, but because I'm nosy.

YA I think that's enough of what bothers me on the Facebook world haha..pretty much a lot of FB irritates me yet I still use it. Fahh. That's a pet peeve of mine.

Here's my pet peeves outside of the FB world.

- People with crappy breath
- American expectations
- Tickling
- Girls trying to hook up with my brother
- People trying to mentor me through my life because they know all...
- People that try to guilt trip me
- People that think they know everything
- Annoying people
- People asking about my relationship world
- Boys who try to control me
- Boys who tell me we won't work until "I can Google you and not see your likes, name, photo, and about you." Uhhh okay yes please I'd love to be in a relationship with you. ##LockmeinadungeonandcallmeRapunzelII## I'll pass thanks.
- Boys who think "we coulda been great and that's why it's hard to let it go" lines still work
- People who continue to text me after no reply

And I think I better stop there.. getting angry thinking about it. HAHA. Ah.. I'm single because I hate every one and every thing apparently. Listen to me. Ya I'll get a better attitude eventually.


Alana Puawai

I'm Back!!

Ahhh so I decided I better try and get caught up on here.. My personal blog that I just started writing on in August this year is three posts away from having the same amount of posts as this blog has. The one I've had for almost four years. SAD. Anyways.. I gotta say I am so glad I have blogged as much as I have. It's hilarious to look back and see how cut my throat worthy I have been in my life. Shux am I grateful for the good times or what?! So here's the 411 on my life.

I got back from New Zealand on September 18th. It feels like it was just a short time ago that I got back, but farrr it's been ages since I got back. Almost 2 months! You'd think I'd have gotten a job by now with a set in stone plan, but some things never change! I am just winging life as it comes and goes. Typical me. I'm not going to school right now seems I missed the fall semester while I was in NZ, (and my paperwork wouldn't go through that's why I decided to extend my trip in NZ in the first place)  and I am definitely unemployed. Pretty much I am a shame and disgrace to the American continent. I'm sick of everyone asking me if I'm going to school, when clearly I've been in this town with 3,000 people in it for the past 2 months. Obviously I'm not going. I just tell them I dropped out, and the awesome part is they believe it. It's one semester people really?!

If you're wondering..yes I do plan on going back to school in the Spring A.K.A. January 2, 2012. Unless of course the world comes to an end. I plan on going to Weber State in Ogden, Utah. But really I'm not even sure if that's the actual plan. I just need to start calling them ideas. That's my idea right now, but things with me change real quickly. And I mean quickly. So we will see. I have the idea of moving to Utah soon and working until school starts. I'm still waiting for some financial things to go through with school and credit transfers..if they decide not to go through before the Spring semester comes along I am so out of here. Kia Ora New Zealand! haha!

But as for now I am a bum at my parents house..chilling on the couch..Keeping Up with the Kardashians very loyally, and trying to get back to healthy. I've been having all sorts of fun health problems since I got back from NZ..definitely this atmosphere..I must belong in NZ or something?! haha.. Don't worry I do plan on getting a life soon though, and it'll be wonderful.

As of now..this is me!


Alana Puawai

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New Zealand

Well I said I'd be better with blogging..and I actually have been good on my private blog, but definitely not on this one. So here goes my attempt of an update. I flew to New Zealand on July 17th.. and I now have 5 more days left. I will have been here for about 2 months. I can't tell you how entirely grateful I am for this trip. It was a time that I needed more than anything. I came for a sad thing; Candy's funeral.. BUT I have met the most amazing people because of it. Candy's passing has brought so many people together it's unreal. Adam was a cousin that all I knew about him was his name.. now he's one of the closest cousins that I have. I am SO sad that I never knew much of them before, but I'm grateful that I've gotten to know them now. I'm grateful for that last week I got to spend with Candy during her life here on earth. Through Candy's funeral and different activities I've gone to with my cousins I have met the most amazing sets of friends. I am so thankful for them. They have blessed my life in ways they'll never fully know. Words can't express the love I have grown for them.

I've been able to really get to know my family on this side of the world, and it's been wonderful! I love my family here so much..they're lovely for the most part. There's just those dark shady corners that every family has haha. I'm so grateful for my cousins.. uncles..auntys..grandparents..and new friends. I have fully loved New Zealand and I'm going to miss it so much. My heart longs to be here in New Zealand it truly does.. but I know I need to get home and sort out a plan on that side with my parents. I am excited to get home to see my family, but uhh.. I would like to get back to New Zealand quite quickly haha.. I have never been able to understand why distance is such a big role in my life. It's like I've been trained for it.. Always loving from a distance. I pray, hope, and fast for answers.. I can't wait for conference.. I can't wait to find out the answers I have to some questions in my life..

I believe the best thing about being with my family here in New Zealand..is that it seems as if I've never been gone. I feel like I've just known them all along. It's like the distance doesn't play any role.. worlds apart, but so close in heart. Oddly enough..this trip I met a family.. that I had never known. A family that I felt like I've known all along. As if they were my own. Every thing seemed to comfortably click and fit with them. I won't say much about it now, but it's a potential future family for me.

It's bitter sweet leaving home on Sunday. I am grateful especially to one person who let me open up to him. Who let me tell things that I've needed to get out for YEARS. Someone who didn't expect me to hide. Didn't expect me to be perfect. Didn't look down on me. Didn't control me. Someone who allowed me to be me. Fully and 100%  me. It was the most refreshing moment of my life when I was able to do this. From then on... is when I realized what I wanted. I knew. How?? I wasn't sure how it would happen.. or IF it would.. BUT I knew what I wanted..and when you know you know. Just never quite know HOW. GAH. hahaha. Confusing.. anyways. I'm grateful for that person for this night.

Not only am I grateful for that moment.. I'm grateful for the times here in New Zealand where I was able to cut off relationships I had back home. Relationships that have tore me down for years. Relationships that have caused a lot of hurt. A lot of pain. And a lot of hardships. I'm not saying that it wasn't ever good happy and amazing, because it was... but it was something I needed to rid out of my life. And I finally have done just that. Anyways.. I loved my trip. It's been amazing and everything I need and more.

I expect to return to New Zealand as soon as I'm able to! I can't wait, and I thoroughly look forward to it.



Friday, August 12, 2011

Looking Back

I look back on my blog posts I've posted in the past..and I'm just like wow what an idiot haha. I should delete half the crap I cry about on here, but I'll keep it for memory sake. I suppose that's one thing I love about blogging. I can go back and read..and I can remember every emotion I was going through.. just not so much have the pain portion of it lol..It's a nice reminder.. Makes me appreciate the good times! Bless the technology world is all I'll say. Oh and I'm working on updating my blog with the happier parts of life haha..but when I'm happy I don't have much to say oddly enough..only when I hate the world do I spill it out on blogspot lol. Ah loser. That is all. xoxo